Multiprocessor and multicore support has been added to Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery

ElcomSoft's Windows password recovery applications offers administrators a comprehensive solution for recovering passwords to documents and files when employees forget their passwords, or when they deliberately add passwords to documents in an effort to sabotage their companies. The software is also used by forensics, police, and military specialists worldwide to open locked documents.

Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery offers password recovery solutions for all Microsoft Office documents, Microsoft Money and OneNote, Adobe Acrobat PDF files, PKCS#12 certificates, LM/NTLM hashes used in Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 logon passwords, PGP, Lotus Notes ID files, MD5 hashes, and UNIX and Oracle users' passwords.

Today, with support for the multiple cores found in all current AMD and Intel processors, Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery can operate significantly faster than before. Modern PCs have motherboards that can accommodate one, two, or four CPU chips. Since current CPU chips have two or four cores (which are, in fact, separate processors), one computer can run Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery sixteen times faster than before.

Before Distributed Password Recovery, the most effective way to recover a lost password was to put the locked file on the fastest machine in the company, and use brute force to attack the password. Distributed Password Recovery lets you coordinate all of the unused computing power of every computer on your LAN or WAN, and use distributed processing to restore the lost password.

For more information and a free trial version of Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery, please visit EDPR home page.