New version of Proactive Windows Security Explorer now available

In new version of New version of Proactive Windows Security Explorer were made the following changes:

! bug fixed
+ improvement/modification

+ preliminary attack:
  + passwords equal to user names
  + cached passwords (HelpAssistant, VUSR_*, IIS_* etc)
  + autologon password
  + password saved in WinLogon process memory
  + simple dictionary and bruteforce attacks
+ show disabled and locked accounts
+ attack by multiple dictionaries
+ show additional information about active attack
+ an ability to clear log window
+ an ability to remove users from list
+ faster and more reliable dump from local computer memory
+ an ability to select all users with recovered NTLM passwords
  (Edit | Highlight accounts with recoverd passwords)
! checking for Administrator privileges
! resuming brute-force attacks with non-US chars in staring password
! correct error message when trying to dump from locked SAM/SYSTEM files
! missing tooltips for toolbar buttons
! entering registration code through the nag screen

For more informaton please visit Proactive Windows Security Explorer product page.